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Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy & Consultataion 

My Mission

 My mission is to help you achieve your optimal mental, emotional and physical health by helping you form a deeper connection to your authentic self so that you can connect more meaningfully

with others. 

About Me 

I believe that you are the expert on you and that you can heal.   My role is to help you find your inner expert buried under all of the self-doubt and self-limiting behaviors that you have been practicing/perfecting for years.   I have 25 years of experience in Social Service work ranging from counseling troubled youth and teenage mothers to working with parents struggling with domestic violence and/or substance abuse to medical social work and eventually End of Life Care in Hospice. I have worked with people from pre-natal to death (and beyond providing grief counseling to surviving family members).  If I can't help you, I will find somebody that can.

Services Offered

* Clinical Social Work: Therapy and Mental Health counseling to help you and/or a family member achieve greater peace and well-being.

*Medical Social Work:  To ensure that you or your loved one receives the best medical care possible

*Consulting and Training: To help you or your organization more effectively serve your clients

Individual Counseling

Life can be like a game of hide and seek and sometimes there are so many hiding places or we are so deeply hidden that we have trouble finding ourselves.  My work is to help you find yourself so that you can achieve greater peace and satisfaction in your relationship to yourself and others.

Can Counseling help me?

Counseling is not a cure-all, I don't have a magic wand that I can wave that will "fix" all that ails you. There is no magic potion that will magically make you better. Counseling is more like building a tool kit; you can possess all of the tools in the world, but unless you learn which tools you have and how and when to use those tools, nothing is going to be any different.  Just as banging on a leaky pipe with a hammer is unlikely to fix the pipe, using the wrong psychological/emotional tool at the right time is not going to fix the problem either.

Stress and Anxiety Management

Life can be challenging and at times we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and beyond our ability to cope.  Or possibly we are struggling in a relationship that is conflictual or otherwise not satisfying our needs.  This relationship could be romantic, a parent-child relationship or even a work relationship with a co-worker or boss.   

Couples and Family Counseling

We can love another person and still struggle to communicate effectively or to find a healthy balance between meeting our own needs and those of a loved one. Effective Boundary setting can be especially difficult if we never learned this skill earlier in life, we may not even know what a "boundary" is, let alone be able to set one.

There is Hope

Did you ever hear the phrase "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"?  It's simply not true. I have worked successfully with people in their 90's coaching them on how to grow in meaningful ways even at the end of life.  Learning new skills can be difficult but it's not impossible, you can do it.  However, your motivation needs to be strong, change is not easy. Motivation questionable at best?  I can help with that too.  There are evidence-based skills that I would be happy to share with you so you can start experimenting until you find something that works for you.