My Specialties Reflect the Depth of My Experience & Diversity of My Clientele

  • Emotional & Psychological Abuse Survivors; Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Abusive Relationships including Child Welfare System; Law Enforcement System and Court system navigation.
  • Medical Social Work including Patient and Family psychoeducation in chronic and/or terminal illnesses and System Navigation including Veterans Health Services, attaining provision of Durable Medical Equipment  paid by insurance when possible
  • LGBT+ issues including Gender Evaluations for Gender Confirming Medical Procedures: I am Central Oregon's Only WPATH Member undergoing WPATH's strict Certification Process; culturally competent & affirming care right here in Central Oregon with locations in Redmond and Bend
  • Family Adjustment to Life Transitions including appropriate care of aging loved ones and End of Life Care 

Consulting and Training in the Provision of Culturally Competent & Affirming Care for our Clients in the Workplace 

  Even the best staff need some training and bolstering up sometimes. Leadership can be exhausting and draining when management feels expected to know the answers to a plethora of challenging and confusing situations as our culture changes so rapidly.  For example we are seeing a growing number of our clients identify in diverse ways and yet many or our business & corporate forms and practices are ill equipped to honor this diversity in the ways that we would like to.  I can help with training and consultation.

Groups: Diversity and Unity

As we go through different phases of our lives, we may encounter different challenges.  These challenges could be learning to live with debilitating physical illness or mental illness.  Perhaps you are struggling with balancing the care of ageing parents while still caring for children and maintaining a career. Sometimes the issues that you are struggling with while unique may not be as unique as you believe them to be and Group therapy offers the added benefit of coming to experience this first hand as well as share techniques that might help you and others cope more effectively.

Current Groups:

Starting April 26th:  Trans*forming Teens, Kids and Families 

This group is for Transgender Youth and their families and is offered in conjunction with a Pediatrician so that we can answer your medical questions while providing therapeutic support for both Transgender youth and their Cisgender family members. 


New Groups forming all of the time, check back for updates!